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One of the biggest trends for phones in the U.S. that is growing in popularity in the realm of cellphones is that of unlocked smartphones or cell phones. Everyday, many people are looking for best smartphones or cell phones for the money to buy, including cheap refurbished unlocked smartphones for sale or cheap best cell phones on the market without contract.

Unlocked phones offer a wide array of freedom regarding the choice of plans, carriers and models. However, before going into the benefits, it is necessary to evaluate what it is and how it differs from a locked smartphone. An unlocked smartphone is essentially a smartphone that is not tied up to any specific contracts or carriers. This enables users to choose the latest models and any new plans as rarely or often as they like. They also don’t have the wide array of carrier applications that often take up a major portion of the memory and storage space of the phone. It also offers a greater degree of mobility for people who opt for international travel more often.

When you are looking for unlocked cell phones, there are a number of things that you must keep in mind.


Buying Guide

In most cases that I have seen, people will ask, “what is the best samsung Android smart phones?” or “where can I get cheap best unlocked android phones in 2019?”.
a. Network compatibility

One of the key features where you have to do some good in-depth research is that of the network compatibility of the different carriers you want to use with your phone. The two most commonly used network standards that functions in both the US and most other international countries is that of GSM and CDMA, which are abbreviations for Global System for Mobile Communications and Code Division Multiple Access respectively. All of the unlocked phones in the market work with GSM networks. The most common GSM networks functioning in the US include T-Mobile, AT&T, Simple Mobile, MetroPCS, Cricket and Tracfone. Almost all the foreign carriers use GSM networks as well. It is necessary to get a GSM provider SIM card to get any service for an unlocked phone. However, one of the key things you will absolutely need to ensure when it comes to unlocked phones is that the phone has the same bandwidth and is able to connect to the bandwidth of the service provider.

b. Universally unlocked phones

Some of the newer models of phones to hit the market, for example, the Moto G5 Plus are universal in nature and are compatible with almost all U.S. and other overseas carriers. These can be amazing for people who travel and can help them access most carriers with the help of GSM sim cards.


Some unlocked phones may cost more up front compared to phones financed by the carriers, but, spread over time, and combined with a less-expensive voice or data plan, it could be less expensive than your total monthly payments or monthly installment billing contract.

a. Lower Cost

Unlocked phones can offer a number of benefits in terms of cost saving by allowing users to use their existing or legacy data, voice and text plans and can help people save money while using the plan that suits their usage levels and their needs. Unlocked phones are more readily available and offer a wide array of choices in comparison to the typical phones, they allow for a greater level of choice in terms of a number of different types of phones that are available in the market and fall in the more affordable range. Granted, they do tend to cost more up front, however, they end up cutting the cost significantly in the long run.

b. Your best bet for international travel

If you are more likely to travel internationally, whether you are a tourist, business travelers or any other purpose, having an unlocked phone can help you save a ton of money on international roaming rates which can be sky high and absolutely unaffordable. These unlocked phones can help you save money and ensure that you get the same local rates applicable in the country. All you will need to do is to purchase an unlocked phone from the U.S. and sourcing a local SIM card for the country you are traveling to.

Picking a Dual-SIM phone that is unlocked can help you store two SIM cards in the same phone and can enable you to use both the home and the local SIM cards at the same time. This can not only help you stay in touch with home and work at the same time, but also help you segregate personal and work phone calls on the same device.

c. Setting up unlocked phones

The first thing you will need when you are looking to set up your unlocked phone in the U.S. or the abroad is a SIM card from the carrier you are going to go with. SIM cards can help to store the user and carrier data in the smartphone. If you are going to purchase a phone to replace an existing one or upgrade to a new one, you can take the SIM card in the previous phone to the new one. However, it is necessary to ensure that the old SIM is compatible in size with the new one provided you want to stay with the same carrier.

d. Where can you get an unlocked phone?

It can be a little tricky when you start looking at unlocked handsets due to their unavailability from carrier stores. One of the best places to find unlocked handsets can be online or at the Apple Store, Best Buy Mobile and other online manufacturer stores. In a few special cases, the phones can be unlocked by yourself though the feature depends on the carrier and the handset. You can choose from our list of the best unlocked smartphones for yourself after looking at the features, the pros and the cons of each handset.


10 Best Unlocked Cell Phones for 2018 and 2019

We’ve heard customers asking us, What phone has the best camera, what unlocked smartphone is low price 4g smartphone or best budget android phone? To answer these questions and many others, we have reviewed the following unlocked mobile phones:

Detail Analysis of Each Unlocked Wireless Phones


1. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has definitely made its presence known in the Smartphone market with the Galaxy S8 and the S8+ and has set the mishaps with the Galaxy S7. With amazing functionality at almost every sphere it is a contender to beat for sure, despite not being leaps and bounds ahead of the other top choices in this list but is an amazing and capable phone on the market at the moment. The phone is available in both locked and unlocked versions.

Samsung offers an amazing display with a big screen packed into a small size with the help of bended edges and shrunk bezels. It is tall and narrow and offers an amazing 5.8-inch screen. However, it is pretty slippery so you may want to invest in a case. The 5.8-inch, 2,960-by-1,440 Super AMOLED offers amazing display with beautiful saturated colors and deep rich blacks. The phone comes with a button to easily activate the Bixby voice assistant. The speaker is rich and loud. The fingerprint sensor is almost undetectable from the camera lens which will lead to some smearing on the camera lens. The phone is waterproof though the all glass body can be a little fragile however the Gorilla Glass 5 and the gentler curve helps make the phone more durable.

The phone calls are clear and offer amazing noise cancellation. The speaker volume is impressive with the Extra Volume button and offers a wide array of Wi-fi wavelength, Bluetooth 5, and comes in a 64 GB and 4GB RAM variant. The memory can be expanded with SD card. The battery life is pretty great with the help of the 3000 mAh battery with half brightness and normal usage, it works pretty great for about 16 hours. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset is pretty amazing and offers amazing graphics, JavaScript and web performances. The S8’s best weapon however is the gigabit LTE and HPUE modem which enables it to work with all US and Canada carriers as well as support global roaming and offers improved connectivity in weaker signal conditions. The phone face recognition and the iris recognitions are really amazing and can help for easier authentication.

The Bixby voice recognition is pretty great and can do almost everything that the Google Assistant can and can be accessed with the push of a button. The camera is 12MP and offers amazing clear and bright pictures with improved details. Selective Focus can create bokeh and can offer a good Pro mode including manual shutter speeds and raw captures, low light captures. The front camera is 8MP with autofocus and can help produce amazing portraits. The videos are 4k with main camera and 2,560×1,440p at 30fps for both. Slow motion videos are captured at 60fps and 1080p.


Pros Cons
  • The design is very hand friendly and is meant to be used in one hand.
  • The screen is stunning, vivid and gorgeous.
  • It offers the best in class modem and processor available in the market.
  • The placement of the fingerprint scanner is awkward.
  • The presence of dual voice assistant can get a little confusing.

2. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple phones have taken over the market due to their amazing performance, top notch cameras and their new and innovative features and the 8 Plus is no exception. With amazing performance, top notch images and videos, an amazing processor and the Apple interface, it is an amazing phone in the Apple family.

The iPhone 8 Plus is one of the best phones in its range and is one of the best-selling phones in Apple’s lineup. The dual cameras offer an amazing augmented reality experience and the bigger screen actually works amazing for any high intensity applications due to the new and improved A11 processor. Priced well below the iPhone X, it is one of the best iPhones which offers both unlocked and locked variants and works with most carriers. You can buy the SIM free variants online or at the Apple store and these come pre-unlocked, however, if you want to unlock the phone after buying, you can also do so.

The iPhone 8 Plus looks almost the same size as the 7 Plus, though it is heavier. The 1920×1080 LCD has been enhanced with TrueTone which offers better white balance in different types of lighting. The lightning port offers fast charging but there is no headphone jack. The phone has a glass back and offers wireless charging. The A11 Bionic processor offers 6 cores which blends performance and efficiency. The Neural Engine offers machine learning which allows the camera to recognize scenes better. The 8 Plus has the same processor as the iPhone 8 though with a 3GB ram. They are amazingly fast performance phones and offers amazing graphics.

The dual 12MP cameras offer stunning photos. The regular one has a f/1.8 aperture and the 2x telephoto one with a f/2.8 aperture. The front camera is 7MP with a f/2.2 aperture and the dual cameras offer amazing clarity of details and can offer selective-focus portrait mode photos. The 8 Plus offers amazing photos in outdoor low light scenes and can offer good night-time photos. The phone offers 4K video recording at 60fps and slow motion 1080p videos at 240 fps for amazing quality videography, though it is not optically stabilized like the iPhone X.


Pros Cons
  • The dual cameras are top notch.
  • The processors are extremely fast.
  • The wireless charging feature is pretty great.
  • The screen is relatively low resolution with a big bezel.
  • LTE connections are slightly problematic.


3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 combines the best of what the Galaxy 8 offers with the added introduction of the dual cameras and the S Pen stylus. It is an absolute no brainer and is one of the best an amazing phone that sports an incredibly high price tag. The phone retails at $930 for the locked models and $950 for unlocked models and is one of the most expensive phones in the US.

The Galaxy Note 8 is larger than the Galaxy S8+ with a solid, smooth and well-rounded body and feels premium with both black and gray versions. The Note 8 sports a headphone jack and USB-C port and is compatible with the Dex desktop dock to transform into a desktop PC. The 6.3inch screen covers a 15.63square inch area and has a 2,960×1,440 display which is larger than most competitors. It feels smaller due to the tall and narrow build and the lack of bezels. The display is amazing and brighter with 1200nits of peak brightness.

The battery is pretty standard and conservative. When the settings are at the max and with LTE video streaming it offer a 6hr usage while at 1080p it offers 10-hour usage. The phone does offer fast charging and wireless charging options though, which is a big relief. The batteries have been thoroughly tested to ensure the safety of the batteries and the success of the 8 and 8+ guarantees the feature.

The addition of the S Pen is amazing and it pops out from a slot present in the lower right corner of the phone with a slimmer 0.7mm tip. It can be used to write on the screen, scribble or draw with amazing accuracy and can be a blessing for artists and animators with it being supported by a number of drawing apps like Autodesk Sketchbook in addition to the MS Office documents.

The 64GB storage can also be enhanced with a 256GB microSD card and a 6GB RAM. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is pretty standard with other devices sporting the same processors. The Bixby voice assistant is pretty good and can do almost everything that the Google assistant can. The radio and call quality offers amazing reception and call quality. The phone offers amazing LTE coverage and speeds, with excellent, crystal clear call qualities.

The cameras are amazing with the help of amazing exposure, low-light performance and have amazing 2x optical zoom features with clear photo resolutions. The video mode, however is amazing and one to look out for with 4k video at 2x zoom. There is no lag when it comes to movements. The Samsung Live Focus offers bokeh feature. With the best processor, screen, sound quality, reception and camera, it really does live up to the exorbitant price point.


Pros Cons
  • The dual cameras are amazing.
  • The screen is stunning with amazing picture quality.
  • The S Pen feature is amazing.
  • The price point is exorbitant.
  • The battery is not that great.
  • Finger-print sensor is awkwardly placed on the otherwise seamless design.

4. Moto E (4th Generation)

The Moto E4 is one of the best new phones to hit the market at the 100$ price range. It comes complete with the latest Android Nougat OS, a capable fingerprint sensor, a battery that is changeable and offers good performance, this is an amazing phone with some cool specs to boast of making it a must buy for people looking for a good phone in a budget. The phone is available in both locked and unlocked versions with both GSM and CDMA carriers and it covers AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and others. The unlocked version also doesn’t come with any type of bloatware, which locked versions will come pre-bundled with.

The presence of some of the most widely requested features like support for a micro-SD card and Google Assistant makes it a good crowd pleaser. The design is top notch with a slick front and a metal back for the UK and plastic for the US. The slightly curved 2.5D glass panel looks amazing. The finger print sensor is an amazing inclusion for the price. The viewing angles are very generous with a 720p screen which is vivid in display, a 60fps chipset to allow for most normal to moderate gaming requirements. The 16GB internal storage can be supplemented with external SD cards with up to 128GB storage which can be used for app installations.

The quad core processor is fast and does not encounter lags as much. The 2,800mAh battery is pretty great and charges just under two hours. The camera is good though it doesn’t perform well in low light or fast-moving situations. Under good light, it produces amazing photos. The videos are good at 1080p captures with 30fps speed and can capture better videos than the screen can push.

Overall, the Moto E4 is a great version if you are looking for an unlocked phone that fits the budget. It definitely offers an impressive array of features and can be a great phone for the price you are paying. With some competitive features, Moto proves yet again, that it is very possible to find a good phone in your budget.


Pros Cons
  • The design is very elegant and slick.
  • It comes pre-installed with the latest Android Nougat.
  • It comes with a fingerprint sensor.
  • It offers amazing value for money.
  • The US version is not all metal, unlike the one in the UK.
  • The performance is not top notch.


5. Google Pixel 2 XL

The Pixel 2XL is one of the most Google phones in the world, combining the best of features into a beautiful phone with an amazing design and amazing performance. It boasts of an amazing camera and an innovative display. The Pixel 2 XL has an amazing 6-inch Quad HD OLED panel and has front facing speakers which have a rich and full sound. The screen has a 18:9 aspect ratio, 2,880×1,440 OLED display with a 536ppi.

The sensor is amazing with the squeeze sensor which enables users to squeeze the phone slightly to launch google assistant. The phone comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and has a 4GB RAM and a 64GB/128GB storage. The 3,520mAh battery paired with the amazing software as well as the less-bright screen which enables an efficient battery life with around 9hr 25 mins of continued LTE streaming at the top brightness which is amazing and can outpace a number of other types of smartphones. The phone also has a fast charging option. The Pixel has a USB-C dongle and no headphone jack and the former can help attach headphones.

The pixel has an amazing voice quality with voices sounding less harsh and more rounded. The mic has a great transmission, without great noise cancellation features. The phone offers category 15, LTE and 800Mbps are very compatible with most US networks.

The Pixel comes with the Android 8.0 Oreo which is the latest OS and offers the best Android experience. The phone comes with the latest security updates and OS updates. Google has incorporated a number of minor tweaks and the Now Playing feature which can listen to ambient music and recognize the tune and display it on screen. The Google Lens can help recognize text in photos and can help people find and look up albums, books, locations and artwork available in the Google Photos.

The camera is pretty decent with amazing camera quality, with better low light pictures than Samsung. The camera is a 12.2MP, f/1.8 main camera. The bokeh mode is also pretty stunning and works with the 8MP front camera as well. The auto mode photos are stunning and low light pictures are amazing with good color for the skin. The Pixel 2XL provides the best VR experience in the market. With the new $99 Daydream View headset, which is more comfortable to wear, it provides an immersive VR experience.


Pros Cons
  • The display features real life color display like no other.
  • The portability access of this laptop is truly excellent.
  • The battery life is par more well than what you expected or you can expect.
  • The display’s response is a bit slow, something that a true gamer won’t look forward to.
  • Another demerit which has disappointed the gamers is the keyboard whose keywords stop functioning at times. They do not respond to the clicks.
  • As compared to other gaming laptops, Gigabyte Aero 15 has been relatively more expensive which somewhere makes it unaffordable.


6. Moto G PLUS (5th Generation)

The latest Moto G series is one of the latest models from the Moto brand and offers some of the best features at an affordable and competitive price. The Moto G5 sports an all metal body and has Android Nougat OS. The Moto G5 offers an aluminum finish and has an oval fingerprint sensor with chrome accents on the front and the rear. The camera comes with a circular housing on the rear and a dual LED flash. The phone offers a good grip however, to prevent any scratches on the camera, a case can be a good option.

The G5 offers a 5.2-inch IPS LCD display with 424ppi and has a Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The screen performs well with videos, games and movies with decent performance in the sunlight. The color mode can help users choose vivid or standard color reproduction. The phone offers a 2GHz octa-core Snapdragon 625 SoC with a Adreno 506 GPU.

The Moto G5 offers support for 2 nano SIMs and can support LTE services and is an unlocked phone though you can find locked variants. The phone offers a 3000mAh battery which comes with TurboPower fast charging options. The phone offers an Android Nougat straight out of the box and offers Google Assistant which can be activated with a long press for the home button. The moto apps are pretty cool with a number of different gesture shortcuts for different functions. The performance of the phone is pretty good, though sometimes it does tend to get overheated.

The camera is amazing at a 12MP and comes with Dual Autofocus Pixels which enables locking focus easily. The camera has a f/1.7 aperture and has dual LED flash and a 5MP f/2.2 aperture. The camera offers 8x digital zoom and a viewfinder that recognizes barcodes and QR codes. The phone offers panaroma and slow-motion videos and a professional mode that offers better customizations.


Pros Cons
  • The build quality is pretty decent on the phone.
  • The phone offers turbo charging option.
  • The stock Android Nougat is pretty great.
  • The finger print sensor is pretty responsive.
  • The phone has some heating issues.
  • The absence of a LED indicator is problematic.
  • The loudspeaker isn’t the best.
  • The camera performance can be better for low-light photography.


7. Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X is truly a remarkable phone and futuristic in its attempts to incorporate augmented reality. The iPhone X challenges the old assumptions and introduces some radical new concepts, though whether the apps are ready for it is a question that needs to be tested, with most of the features not quite optimized. The phone is definitely a looker with the nearly bezel-less look with the front camera sticking out slightly and comes with a glass back.

The display is beautiful with the OLED display which offers saturated colors and rich blacks. The phone offers Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HDR. The screen is beautiful when outside with lamination from the brand making the images vibrant and perfectly tuned with natural light and offering very little reflectivity. The iPhone X is the brightest OLED smartphone display when it comes to standard lighting.

The processor uses the Apple A11 Bionic processor as the 8 and 8Plus, the features of which are already discussed. It has all the LTE, Wi-fi and Bluetooth capacities like the 8 and 8 Plus and offers all US bands apart from T-Mobile’s 600MHz band 71 with amazing call quality.

The battery is pretty moderate, however, with just over 5 hours usage on full brightness and LTE video streaming. The cameras are pretty great and similar to most in its class, however the addition of the OIS to the 2x zoom camera helps smoothen the camera experiences and stabilize videos much better. The front facing 7MP camera uses a “dot projector” to project invisible dots on the object it is pointing to and produces a live 3D map of objects and offers AR technology. This enables the Face ID and works amazing for the most part. The Face ID is very fast and can work through glasses but not a mirrored sunglass. It isn’t fooled by photos, but can be fooled by identical twins.


Pros Cons
  • The updated design is beautiful.
  • The processor is extremely fast.
  • The screen is amazing.
  • The front camera offers augmented reality experience.
  • The phone is super expensive.
  • The screen cutout can block the viewing experience.
  • The modem is not the fastest in the market.


8. Moto X (4th Generation)

The Motorola Moto X4 combines the best of mid-range specs and combines it with a good design, two rear cameras and in-built Alexa support. The phone is priced at $400 for the unlocked version and combines amazing features like dual rear camera sensors and offers a waterproof design. It is not compatible with the Moto Mods but is integrated with Amazon Alexa and offers an amazing battery experience and camera functionality. The back panel is amazing and catches different angles and reflects light in different types of patterns with different angles and lighting conditions. Both the Sterling blue and Super Black versions are beautiful.

The phone offers a bright and accurate display with the 5.2-inch, 1,920×1,080p, 424ppi screen which offers bright colors. The back camera is a dual sensor camera with a 12MP primary sensor and the secondary 8MP wide angled camera and boosts focusing speed and performance in lower light and can help adjust a wide range of manual controls. Outdoor and good lighting photos are crisp with minimal noise. The second camera allows for wider shots and some cool photos. The camera also offers Bokeh mode and 4K recording at 30fps.

The unlocked Moto X4 supports almost all GSM, CDMA, 3G and LTE brands for a comprehensive connectivity and provides decent call quality. The phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 with 3GB of RAM and offers over 7 hours at max brightness and LTE video streaming. It supports fast charging and provides 6hrs usage in 15 minutes. The Android 7.1.1 Nougat is pretty fast with the Android 8.0 Oreo to come soon.


Pros Cons
  • The design is attractive and waterproof.
  • The dual sensor camera is pretty great.
  • The phone comes with Amazon Alexa.
  • The phone offers comprehensive network banding for optimal performance.
  • The phone gets smudged quite easily.
  • The phone is not compatible with Moto Mods.


9. OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T is one of the best phones in its range. The phone has an amazing processor power and impressive RAM with decent modem and main cameras. The beautiful build that the model sports is complemented by the matte black aluminum body. The screen is amazing and offers a 6-inch, 18:9 Samsung AMOLED panel and offers a 2160×1080/401ppi density which causes the icons and other elements to appear larger on the model though the web browsing space is the same. The fingerprint scanner is quick and reliable though the face unlock is a little buggy.

The modem offers most bands but for the Band 71. The phone offers two nano sims but no SD card space. The call quality is good with loud earpiece and sharp and clear speakerphones though it does not have a lot of noise cancellation. The battery life is great at over 7 hours continuous usage and the Dash charging works amazing with up to 80% charge in 45 minutes. The phone has amazing memory at 6GB/8GB RAM and 64GB/128GB ROM and the processor works seamlessly with the Android Nougat and the Oxygen OS skin offers amazing speeds and the ability to customize.

The main 16MP and has a f/1.7 camera and a secondary 20MP f/1.7 camera as well as the front 16MP f/2 selfie camera is amazing. The One Plus 5T has hands down the best low light cameras in the price range. Good light photos are pretty great overall but the front camera is clearly the best part of the cameras. The colors are rich and realistic with amazing light collection.


Pros Cons
  • It provides a fast processor for the price range.
  • It has a very bright screen.
  • The front camera is impressive.
  • The finger print sensor is conveniently positioned.
  • It has a low resolution for the size of the screen.
  • The low-light camera is not that great.


10. Snapfon ezTWO 3G

If you are looking for a simple phone to make and receive calls that is unlocked, the Snapfon ezTWO 3G is a simple, inexpensive, loud voice phone that can work beautifully for the basic purpose it offers. The Snapfon ezTWO 3G is a simple voice only phone that is targeted for the use of seniors and is a simple easy to use phone. The old school, candy bar phone has big and rubbery number keys on the pad. The LCD is white on black to promote visibility. The screen displays the battery, the signal strength, caller ID and the date and time. The sides sport volume rockers, lock switches, camera button and a flashlight switch. The phone charges with the help of a micro USB charger and comes with a standard headset jack.

The build quality is a little flimsy, however, with a slippery plastic. The side buttons and switches don’t feel too secure; however, it can be an added advantage to enable the elderly to use them with ease. The phone offers a quad band GSM and dual band(1900/850) 3G to enable it to work with most bandwidths and connect to 3G network providers globally. The phone is pretty straightforward in its usage with loud sound, if not the sharpest voice quality. The earpiece is very loud and is compatible with hearing aids. The speakerphone is not too loud though. The phone provides good sharp voice transmissions via the mouthpiece. The phone offers around 4hour and 31 minutes of talk time on a single charge.

The speaking keypad can help people with failing vision and speak out the numbers on calling. There are speed dial numbers though no voice commands or voice dialing. It does connect to Bluetooth headphones. The SOS button which is bright red and placed on the back can send an SOS call to a contact and make a siren-like noise to call for help. The address book is simple and basic with triple tapping for different names. Texting can be complicated and there is no predictive text. It cannot offer group text, image texting or emojis.

The phone has a 640×480 resolution pictures and can be taken from the USB cable. The phone has 80MB memory as well as a microSD card slot. There are no music players or radio. The camera can be used as a magnifying glass by using the * and # keys. The phone has a weak LED flash as well.


Pros Cons
  • The phone is inexpensive.
  • It works well for the elderly and basic phone usage.
  • The phone doesn’t offer any facility for sending or texting photos.
  • The phone does not work with LTE networks.


Our Pick

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8/iPhone 8 Plus is the best choice from the higher end segment, while the Moto G5 Plus is great for the mid-range and the Moto E4 is ideal for a low-range model.


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