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When I was trying to get the best hoverboard for my kids, I told my friend about it. He did not even understand what I was talking about. He did not know hoverboard. so I had to explain it to him. After explaining to him, he still was confused of what is the benefits for any parents to buy a hoverboard for their kids. I gave him a lot of reason and ended up buying a hoverboards for his daughter and himself. Therefore I am giving them to you here in plain english.

Moving place to place using vehicles or other avenues of transportation for short and medium distance travels sometimes can be a little demanding and tasking if you put into consideration, traffic stress involved, costs of gas and spare parts, complex functions, and operations of vehicles, amount and level of maintenance and most importantly environmental pollution.

It is for these reasons highlighted above that an alternative means of commuting from place to place for both adults and kids have really taken over the normal vehicle trend in recent times and many are buying best self balance board.

Imagine on a stress-filled day at work, you still had to drive home, and you just got back home from spending 45 minutes in traffic for just 8 miles. You haven’t even rested a bit, and you have to quickly run to the store just a couple of miles from your place to get some groceries. Would you want to still head back into your car, exhaust your gas and still be stuck in another traffic hassle or you would rather you employ a convenient and stress-free means of transportation to the store? I bet you will choose the latter stress-free method and that’s where hoverboards come into the picture

Over time, hoverboards have become the leading line of transportation when it comes to short and commutes. Their energy efficiency, zero emissions, and general overall environmental friendliness make the hoverboard a prevalent choice in today’s market. It is no hidden fact that the stylish design, high performance and ability to navigate through tight spaces has really made hoverboards to be favorite not just with adults but with kids as well.

Mind you; hoverboards should not be confused with general electric vehicles such as electric bikes, scooters and other varieties. Hoverboards are far different from electric bikes in that with the bike; you still have to pedal, work your legs and thighs and still sweat it out when riding. But with the hoverboards, you can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free ride by standing on the deck. With hoverboards, you are guaranteed comfort and an enjoyable ride.

What are hoverboards?

Not so sure what Hoverboards are? Well in simple terms, hoverboards are personal owned electric vehicles that are powered by a single battery or set of batteries which provide the needed electricity to power it. They usually come with two tires to aid movements and give you a sense of direction.

The best hoverboards in the market work with the assistance of batteries and motors which gives it the required juice for movement and easy mobility. It generally comes with an on/off switch for turning the power on/off. The battery and motor supply the power, as well as they, determine the maximum amount of speed and maximum distance coverage the hoverboard can clock. The motor determines if the hoverboard hits a low speed of 5mph or a high-speed of 15mph.

The hoverboard is relatively new to the game. These new generational moving gadgets are produced without handlebars. They make up for the lack of handlebars with a self-balancing mechanism, which keeps you at a safe standing position all through the ride. As a way of adding more swagger to your ride, most of this hoverboard, often come with Bluetooth enabled speakers and LED lights to spark up your way. The Bluetooth speakers allow you to play your favorite tunes from your phone and tablets devices while the LED light makes you noticeable at night and they also add style.

Different companies come out with different models with various specifications, and features each tailored made to needs, but despite the differences, they follow the same basic principle of operation. They are usually built with a self-balancing mechanism to aid you as you ride and also keep you in an erect position. There are various kinds of hoverboards in the market which offer multiple levels of performance whether you want it or personal use or you are purchasing it for your kids or family member. Depending on what you prefer and taste, you can select from the vast array of options available in the market.

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Reasons to have a hoverboard

Are these stylish and fun two wheels hoverboard something you should go out and get? The answer is most likely yes as the fun, style, cost-effectiveness, and convenience it provides is something that both the young and old can take advantage of. Still, need to be convinced on why you should consider having a hoverboard, the following points can make you see why a hoverboard should be in plans. They can serve as a wonderful present to your kids or loved ones and getting one for yourself isn’t something you would regret.

1. Convenience

Hoverboard provides a useful, convenient and pocket-friendly alternative to commute between short and medium distances when compared to other means of transportation. Fuel, high maintenance cost and high purchasing costs are not found when it comes to the hoverboards.
It is ideal for making short and moderate commutes like going to the supermarket or trying to grab something down the block. It is ideal for distances ranging from of 5-10km and can withstand the occasional extra weight, so moving from one place to another becomes much fun and stylish.

2. Eco-Friendly

Zero emissions from the hoverboard make it very eco-friendly. Equipped with batteries and chain/belt operating motors, the hoverboard emit zero noise and gases. While making a choice to buy a hoverboard, you are also doing the environment lots of favors. Selecting a hoverboard doesn’t only guarantees convenience, but it also reduces Carbon dioxide emissions into the environment.

3. Sense of style

They offer a stylish and enjoyable way to move from place to place. Imagine riding to the coffee shop with a hoverboard scooter with amazing tunes blowing out from the Bluetooth speakers and LED lights announcing your entrance.

4. Brings out the fun in you

Everyone loves fun and riding on hoverboard is one excellent way to have unlimited fun. Kids, teens, and adults riding any of these two wheel gadgets will certainly have fun and still be safe. Look at it this way; a hoverboard will serve as a great way to get your friends or family together for an enjoyable outdoor outing while learning something new. You will be surprised how much fun the whole experience will be for you and your family and friends.

5. Easy to learn

You don’t need a professional or a handyman to assemble the machine. They all come with user manuals with easy instructions on how to set up the hoverboard. Most can be assembled a little under 15 minutes. Learning how hoverboards are controlled isn’t rocket science. All you need do is to lean forward to increase the speed, and backward to slow it down or bring it to a halt. Use your legs to switch directions when you want to turn either left or right. With just a few practice session, you will become very good at it.

6. Easy maneuverability

With the hoverboard, you are not just limited to pavements alone; some come with enhanced tires that allow you to have an adventurous fun on not just concrete floors alone but also off-road and grassy plains. The way they are built means you can quickly negotiate corners as well as bends, and move from point A to point B. Consequently, they are useful to adults in the workforce who encounter heavy traffic in their commutes as they allow riders to navigate traffic hiccups easily.

7. Saves time

As mentioned before, these self-balancing wheels can meander through traffic congestions with ease. These make them quite beneficial to adults who in work and stay in urban areas that are plagued with heavy traffic because they significantly save on the travel time.

8. Less Effort Than other conventional means of transport

Hoverboards are powered by battery naturally. This means that it needs little or no power muscle when compared to other conventional methods of transport like bikes, and bicycles. This characteristic allows people to ride them for a long time without being exposed to tiredness and exhaustion.

9. Portability

Hoverboards are generally light in weight. They can easily be lifted moved around from place to place and deployed to specific spots of use with little or no distractions.

What’s more? Their weight also makes it easy for users to steer as well as maneuver around tight spaces. Hoverboards have an average weight of 22-25 pounds meaning you can just carry them in your bag or your arm. You don’t need to fear if your locks will be broken by thieves while you’re at the convenient store or the office. A hoverboard has a portable size that allows it to fit into your bag or under your desk or even your locker in the gym.

10. Cost Effectiveness

Their cost of purchase and maintenance is pocket-friendly given the work they do both in the short run and the long run. They hardly require operational costs like fuel, or maintenance costs like an oil change, or even insurance payments. They are affordable, and they guarantee a low operational cost. Adults who employ the use of hoverboards as part of their transportation means will save themselves on transportation costs going forward. Hoverboards do not need much maintenance. All you have to do is to check the batteries maybe every now, and you are pretty much good to go.

11. Runs on Batteries

There is no need to fill a tank or store gas. You just need batteries to run the gadget. Store up on some batteries, and you have a virtually never-ending, never-stopping, fully dependable ride. As easy as that.

12. Requires little parking or storage space

Most hoverboards come in compact lightweight sizes which means you can easily store them, and carry them, whenever you choose to. You don’t have to about storage space for these self-balancing wheels as they can fit into the smallest of spaces.

13. Fewer regulations and laws of operation

Hoverboards are treated in the same categories as recreational vehicles such as bicycles, scooters and so on. What this means is that you can use them freely without any form of licensing. What’s more? You can simply go out and purchase a hoverboard like you are going to buy candy from the store.

14. Less stress involved

Hoverboards are stress-free vehicles. Right from the moment you purchase it, they serve the purpose to make your life easy. They require little physical strength to operate; need small storage space; low purchasing cost and maintenance cost; allow riders to enjoy the ambiance that nature has to offer. If you should get yourself a Hoverboard, you can be sure you will enjoy the reduced stress they offer.

15. Aid weight loss

Studies show that riding hoverboards can help burn up calories and subsequently lead to weight loss. The regular riding of hoverboards can play a crucial role that can help reduce weight, and also other effects of overweight, like inflexibility, immobility and so on.

Final Thoughts

Hoverboards are here to stay, and since their introduction into the world, they’ve changed the way people commute from one place to another. They come with a sense of style and fun, while also adding convenience. Check out the best Hoverboards for kids here. Their lots of reasons to get yourself a hoverboard, and the sooner you do, the sooner you start enjoying the benefits that Hoverboards provides.

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