Huawei P30 3-Camera Smartphone

Huawei Family of Smartphone

Huawei, a Chinese tech firm company, has surpassed rivals by offering three cameras to take one photo in its new smartphone.

The company, which is third behind Apple and Samsung, said the cameras are on both the P20 and P20 Pro phones. The cameras can be found on the backside of the P20 Pro, with one camera made to work solely as a zoom function. The smartphone also has a fourth camera, usable for selfies.

Both devices have a “night mode” feature, enabling users to take pictures even in pitch dark instances. A tripod is typically needed, so pictures don’t come out blurry.

Since Huawei is not a common household name, the company is doing whatever it can to gain recognition, even coming up with appealing camera features and technological advancements.

Both phones are similar in style to the Apple iPhone X. They also will not include a dedicated headphone port. Rather, earbuds can be connected using the charging port. According to the company, this ensures a longer battery life and slimmer phone design.

Although the phones look sleek, Americans may have a hard to purchasing them.

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Best Buy recently announced it was no longer ordering new Huawei phones and it would stop selling them in a few weeks.

U.S. Intelligence agencies had cautioned Americans in February against the purchase of any Huawei or ZTE phones. Officials from the Defense Intelligence Agencies, FBI, NSA and CIA said there was a security threat to American consumers but offered no legitimate evidence to that statement.

Huawei has repeatedly asserted it does not provide access to outside parties or give information about consumers or companies to any entity.

Consumers who want to purchase any Huawei phone can find them in some retailer companies like Wal-Mart and smaller U.S. carriers. The new P20 is being offered for $804 and its upgrade – P20 Pro – is priced at $1,115.

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