Cell Phone Accessories

Cell Phone Accessories

Cell phones has become a life necessity, a fashion statement and it costs a lot of money as well. The incredible usage of cell phone has been on the increase more than ever and the requirement and array of the cell phone accessories which are associated with the Cell Phones is now huge.

We use our cell phones all day and it has become something that is part of our daily lives. In fact, if you attempt ask from a number of individuals what they can’t leave home without, mobile phone would often be the most answers. Aside from cell phones, cell phone accessories have become crucial as well. They are used not only for style and fashion, but also for safety and protection. Below are the 7 accessories you need for your cell phone that you should have.

1. Car chargers

Buying a car charger for your cell phone is a must-have cell phone accessory. This will help you avoid being stuck with a dead cell phone in the middle of no-where especially going on long distance road trip. Even, your cell phone can die while driving around the town. And mostly, car charger doesn’t come with the purchase of the cell phone itself. You have to buy it separately but you seriously need one. You must make sure the one you are going to buy fits and works with your particular wireless phone. There are various car cell phone chargers such as:

2. Cell Phone Case or Pouch

In many occasions, we drop our cell phone by mistake, which possibly will damage it. Nothing pains more than seeing your cell phone’s shiny body having an awful scratches. So, it is actually essential that you get a cell phone case or pouch in order to keep its body protected. This product can also enable you to enjoy carrying around your cell phone easily and at the same time protect it from being accidentally dropped. This accessory comes in different sizes and prices. It is made by different maker and can be as stylish as possible. The price can range from $5, all the way to $99 or more. Make sure to look for the one that is specifically made for your type of phone. For example, the case or pouch made for iPhone S will not work for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Luckily, there are many different types of mobile phone cases in the market today with different quality grades and prices. Some are even waterproof and some comes with belt clip that makes it possible to attach your wireless phone to your waist belt. Some cases are made of fabric, some are made of leather while some are made of plastic or rubber. The choice is yours. Some popular makers are:

3. Cell Phone Screen Protector


Just like cell phone case, screen protector is very important accessories for your cell phone. This will protect your cell phone screen from been shattered from accidental drop. This is very cheap to get from stores or from AMAZON. But it is the most important accessory you must get for your cell phone. Do you know how many times you look at your cell phone screen every day? Research has shown that cell phone owners look at their cell phones daily at the average of 93 times a day.  So, it is very annoying even looking at small scratch on your screen, let alone a complete shattered screen that may prevent you from even be able to read or see anything on your mobile phone screen.

There are plethora of mobile phone screen protector makers. Some of them are:

4. Bluetooth headset

Many individuals talk on their cell phone by holding it to their ears with their hand while driving and this cause driving accident in many occasions. The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving. As you can see, cell phone use while driving has becomes a main cause of distraction and accident, especially holding it with your hand to your ear.

To make talking on the phone while driving easy for you without holding it to your ear, you should get yourself cell phone Bluetooth headphone, especially if your car doesn’t have built in Bluetooth to the car’s radio speakers. Bluetooth headphone will connect to your cell phone wirelessly, thereby you don’t have to hold your cell phone while driving and can still talk on your phone while your eyes are on the road, and your hands on the steering wheel. You can also get wired headphone with long wire that can connect directly to your cell phone and allow you to put your cell phone down.

This accessory lets you make phone calls even while you are on the go. This product does not only keep you safe but makes things easy and convenient. Bluetooth headset can also be useful anywhere apart from driving, for example, at your place of work or while at home. Wireless Bluetooth headset has the benefit that you don’t have to have your cell phone on you while moving around in the office or in the house. It’s also not necessary to start digging into your bag just to find your ringing mobile phone. Bluetooth provides useful operation that will make phone usage easier. Another advantage of Bluetooth technology is that, it decreases the magnitude of exposure to radiation, which can be damaging to your quality of life when you put your phone to your ear.

Some good Bluetooth and wired headsets for your cell phones you may buy are:

5. Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker allows you to listen to music from your cell phone without using your mobile phone speaker or headset and make it louder than your phone speaker. It makes it easy to listen to your music when you are outdoor when you are in your backyard or in the garden while your phone is inside the house or office. Check out the following samples:


6. Cell Phone Stands


This accessory comes in different forms and styles. There are cell phone stands for use inside your car, and some to use on the flat top table. All these are to make your life easy and keep your phone safe especially from falling or dropping on the floor.  Some example of these stands are:

7. Memory Card for Cell phone

Memory card is very important if you are going to be snapping a lot of pictures with your cell phone or making a lot of videos. With a lot of digital materials that we keep on our cell phones nowaday, the storage that comes with mobile phones runs out so quick. So, you need a backup memory storage. This is where the memory card and memory card adapter comes in. Some memory card comes with adapter already, while you have to buy them separately in some situation. They also comes in different storage size capability such as 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and so on.

Examples you can buy are (just make sure it is the right one for your cell phone):

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