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Technology is really evolving fast and we have to keep up with it. Also, the first priority of everyone is having the comfort he/she needs. Where is the best place where you feel most comfortable? It is home, no doubt. Of course, having the best wireless doorbell system is one of the factors that will makes your house comfortable, secure, and safe.

Also, the wireless doorbell system has become so much common nowadays because of its easy and simple installation and also other digital functions. Because relatively it’s more comfortable to use these home security gadgets (wireless doorbell) than a wired doorbell.

Likewise, a wired doorbell requires some electric outlets and wiring so it can properly function. Though, it can work well for a few homeowners, but many find it quite obsolete — and for that reason, most people had switched to a wireless doorbell system — which, according to them, “wireless doorbell offers more exciting features.”

Are doorbell camera wireless? Yes! Doorbell cameras are wireless and mainly battery-powered. This enables you to easily move your wireless doorbell system to another location if needed. But in the case of wired doorbell camera, it is powered by connecting to your existing doorbell wires.

However, the sound from wireless doorbell reach wherever there’s a speaker. Most wireless doorbell systems have a transmitting range of 100 to 150-feet, which is best suitable for small to mid-sized residences. Multi-storied or larger homes may require a sound extender, a long-range or wireless doorbell with multiple speakers.

Besides, if you already have an apartment and you are thinking of changing the wired doorbell to wireless doorbell, then you’ll need to consult an electrician because you’ve to work with the wired door chime which has the connection with the electricity line of your house. More so, the door bell wireless has no connection with the electricity line of your apartment, and that is why you have to use the battery to run the doorbell. And the installation process is so easy compared to the installation process of a wired one.

There are also some other wireless doorbells system which has some additional parts. Like a wireless doorbell with a video camera, motion sensor, audio. Doorbell with all these features are part of simple home security, because you can communicate with the individuals who is at the door of your home. And there are also some other merits of the video functions that serve as security purpose. You can also check who has come to your office or house if the system is equipped with recording.

Also, you can talk with that person too if you install a video intercom doorbell. Also, for those people who cannot hear properly or for deaf people, there is also a wireless doorbell which is called flash doorbell. So, they can be alarmed by seeing the flash, as they have problem with hearing. This is the main advantage of this simple home security over the old system.

However, versatile and affordable wireless doorbell battery-operated can be placed almost anywhere and take just a minutes to install. Also, radio waves connect the transmitter (the buttons or outdoor button) to the receiver (the speaker or bell inside the house). All these render electrical wiring unnecessary. However, once you understand how the technological advancement measures up in each category, you will know why wireless doorbell is quickly overtaking the wired doorbell.

The Best 7 Reasons to Switch to Wireless Doorbell System

The following are the top seven reasons to change from wired doorbell to a wireless doorbell system.

1. Increase the Security Level: These wireless doorbells system with an attached camera to the panel on outside door assists a lot in enhancing the safety and security of your home as you can view who is standing outside your door without you having to open the door. This shows you would only permit entry of only the individuals you know. Anyone you don’t recognize won’t be able to breach your home security because you can verify the stranger and call police if necessary. However, since these video-camera-fitted doorbells usually come with a microphone and a speaker attached to it, you can communicate with the person standing outside the door before letting him in. Moreover, this gives your home extra security cover as burglaries and miscreants can’t gain entry in the home without your permission. This helped me with my home security in Atlanta several years back.

2. Easy installation: Unlike the wired doorbell which require wiring and long process for the installation, wireless doorbell apparatus is elementary and straightforward to install as it doesn’t require any wiring. A six years old child can easily install it. All you need to do for the wireless doorbell installation is to connect the receiver with a suitable power outlet and merely hang the doorbell unit outside the door. But the doorbell must be attached in a hide or secure place to prevent theft of the unit. The easy installation makes wireless doorbells a common choice among people, especially for home security in Chicago area according to my friends and those who live in rented houses that often need to change or switch places.

3. No Wiring Required: One of the biggest reason why changing from wired doorbell to wireless doorbell is that you will not see wires all around your premises or walls. For those people who don’t like wires spoiling the beauty of their homes, this simple home security gives you freedom from much of the wirings. Moreover, wiring is costly. Thus, the overall cost of assembling and fitting the wired doorbell device along with its installation process comes out to be closer to what you’ll pay for a wireless doorbell. Also, this means that your wireless doorbell won’t cost you much more than a hard-wired doorbell.

4. Stylish: Todays the design of the wireless doorbells system have changed and become so much stylish and attractive. So you can select the best option for yourself which will have an excellent look. Because the outside bell will escalate the beauty of your house and also will express your penchant, so, it is necessary to select the right one as they are readily available in the market, you can choose the decorative wireless doorbell or choose according to the decoration and color of your house.


5. Advanced Features: Some wireless doorbells system offer convenience and security options such as window sensors and motion detectors intercoms. Also, some models provide a visual signal – a flashing light – alongside with the audible doorbell. These flashing light and audible doorbells work perfectly for the hearing impaired. Also, the optical signal is easy to use for a business where the level of noise would prevent you from hearing a doorbell.

Furthermore, because it doesn’t require any wiring, wireless doorbells system can be positioned anywhere in the house. This is one of its underlying reason why people change from wired doorbell to wireless doorbell.

6. The Range is Enough for Most Houses: The scope of wireless doorbell system has been enhanced to the point that the radio signals, transmitted from the front porch doorbell button to the indoor receiver can be heard everywhere in the entire house. Signal ranges vary from 160 feet up to 900 feet. However, there is the availability of an impressive selection of long-range wireless doorbells in the market, making limited operating ranges of wireless doorbells system a thing of the past, which old wired doorbell is not. Also, long-range remote doorbells are beneficial particularly if you have one or more entryways (such as a garden or a garage). They’ve multiple receivers ( that is wireless doorbell with multiple receivers) set the same frequency and come with various chimes and push buttons that connect to the same system.

7. Portability: The receiver of a wireless doorbell or the bell part is portable and can easily be changed to another location if you’re shifting your location where you stay all the time in the house. This is helpful and useful if you’re spending a lot of your time upstairs or in a portion of your apartment where the doorbell sound doesn’t reach easily. What you need is to plug in the receiver in the location you like the sound of the doorbell to ring. More so, some wireless doorbells even enable you to set and connect them to a single outdoor button.

Now, choosing a wireless doorbell system over a wired one makes sense on all fronts. The necessary thing you need to do or keep in mind when changing or selecting it is how you intend on using it for your home security and safety. It will only be helpful if you recognize its limitations and incorporate other forms of surveillance and door alarms into your layout.

Furthermore, you need to protect your wireless doorbell system from the elements. This means you need a waterproof wireless doorbell, and it is worth considering a wireless doorbell device for cold weather too. Although, the only component of your wireless doorbell system that needs to be waterproof is that push button. Similarly, wireless doorbells are now the top rated and pick of most house owners, preferring wireless over standard electrical-wired ones.

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