Youths With iPhones or Android Phones

9 Critical Negative Effects of Cell Phone Addiction

Sharks /April 18, 2019

Cell phone addiction is unfortunately something that effects people from nearly every country in the world. Today, a total of over five billion people worldwide own cell phones, so it comes without saying that there’s most definitely a percentage of those five billion people that are addicted to their cell phone. Unfortunately, it may not Continue Reading

31 Health Benefits of Coffee Drink

Discover 31 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Backed by Science

Sharks /April 8, 2019

Known for centuries for its taste and stimulating qualities, coffee sometimes suffers from received ideas. In moderate consumption, coffee has many properties beneficial to health: improvement of memory, concentration and morale. The caffeine it contains has mostly been associated with many physical virtues, including the possible decrease in the risk of Alzheimer’s and some cancers. Continue Reading

Coffee Beans Processing Roasting and Brewing

10 Types of Coffee According To Its Preparation

Sharks /April 4, 2019

There is a great variety of types of coffee preparations in the world, which change according to the country, region, or even cafeteria. Each barista can create a different kind of drink according to their knowledge. What is also true is that certain kinds of coffees, which are typical in all places, cross borders, and Continue Reading

Best Coffee Countries

Top 10 Countries Where the Coffee is Grown

Sharks /March 29, 2019

Have you ever wondered about which country comes the coffee you are drinking? It is most likely that the answer to your question is among the countries that we show you below. Immerse yourself in the pleasures of an independent cafe is something that few enjoy and many others want to find out. The fondness Continue Reading

The Best DashCam Cameras for Car Owners

13 Reasons Why You Must Have a DashCam Camera

Sharks /April 7, 2018

A dash cam, as the name suggests, is a type of digital camera typically mounted on a car dashboard to record video footages during a trip. The camera records the immediate surrounding area of the car while the vehicle is moving (the engine is on). There are several major types of dash cam:   Front Continue Reading