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When customers update their Apple products, they’ll see new information screens about Apple-designed apps that collect personal information like the App Store.

Apple’s change is in response to the new EU data protection rules that go into effect May 25. The General Data Protection Regulation imposed even more stringent rules on how the public’s information is handled by companies and organizations.

In the past, the company claimed its services and smartphones were focused on privacy.

The company’s new software update won’t change how information is amassed, but when people use certain Apple apps for the first time, they will see a new privacy information screen pop up. When users tap the notice, they’ll see the comprehensive data about what information is collected and how it’ll be used.

Customers, however, cannot turn off some kinds of data collection. For instance, they will need to set up an Apple ID account before downloading any apps from the App Store. Other tools that Apple will release in May include letting customers do the following:

• Download copies of information stored about them by Apple – videos, pictures, etc.
• Briefly disable their Apple ID, which stops Apple from processing information
• Permanently get rid of their Apple ID, erasing all the information the company has stored within a month.

The Open Rights Group is all for the changes.


The privacy-focused organization said this would help in making things clearer and give people the control over their information they have a right to. According to Jim Kilock, the changes are occurring because businesses are looking at what they’re currently doing before the new regulations start being enforced.

He said the rules are forcing changes in many companies including those based in the United States. Kilock said it’s a victory for privacy and is a demonstration that the government will listen if people are truly considered about their information and privacy.

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