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150 million MyFitnessPal accounts have been hacked. That’s the word coming from the popular health app’s owner Under Armour.

According to the company, it only found out about the hack a week ago, saying the incident took place back in February. Under Armour has already taken steps and notified its users about the security breach.

The company said it employed the services of several well-known data security firms to help them with the investigation and is working with law enforcement agencies.

Under Armour is urging MyFitnessPal users to change passwords immediately.

It also said the affected information includes usernames, hashed passwords and email addresses. MyFitnessPal does not collect driver’s license information or social security numbers and its payment card information is stored on another drive and was not affected.

Under Armour attained MyFitnessPal, a mobile app that allows users to track food and exercise, in 2015.


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